Journey To The One

Inner spirituality, the linking with the power within, and the understanding that „All is One“
is the goal of Journey To The One.
We believe and teach that everything in the universe is made from the same „star stuff“, you as well as a rock. Down at the most infinitesimal level everything is the same. Matter, down to the tiniest particle, is really nothing but clumped energy which pervades everything. The basic energy can be called God or anything else you want, it’s all the same. It’s really nothing to our senses – yet it is something that’s everywhere – only being able to interact with our plane of existence when it clumps together in what we call particles (matter).

Anyway – this is a pretty basic explanation of very ancient religions AND modern quantum physics. Science and religion are becoming ONE! Only the religions of the last 3000 years or so have separated mankind and what they term God. This is changing!

The Qabalah Tree of Life explains it all very well. At the top is God – only existing as infinite energy – everywhere yet nowhere – everything yet nothing – neither male nor female – both male and female. When you begin to understand the quantum level of the universal energy this starts to make sense. Our ancient ancestors split the unknowable level at the top into the first two basic sub-levels they could understand – male and female – God and Goddess. From there on down the Tree it’s just more names and attributes till we reach the bottom level, which is Earth – us.

We believe basically in a Monotheistic Universal Power – one great all pervading energy known by
many names and attributes.

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